Acorn TV's upcoming schedule is below. This schedule will be updated as shows are confirmed.  For more updates on upcoming programming, follow Acorn TV on Facebook.  

Upcoming Premieres

February 5

Doctor Finlay S1

Girlfriends S1 Ep 2

The Heart Guy S2 Eps 1 & 2

Murdoch Mysteries S11 Ep 7 (US Only)

February 12

Doctor Finlay S2

Girlfriends S1 Ep 3

The Heart Guy S2 Eps 3 & 4

Murdoch Mysteries S11 Ep 8 (US Only)

"The Joy Of" Documentary Collection

February 19

Doctor Finlay S3

Girlfriends S1 Ep 4

The Heart Guy S2 Eps 5 & 6

Murdoch Mysteries S11 Ep 9 (US Only)

Scotch! The Story of Whisky

February 26

Ackley Bridge S1

Doctor Finlay S4

Girlfriends S1 Ep 5

The Heart Guy S2 Eps 7 & 8

Murdoch Mysteries S11 Ep 10 (US Only)

Returning Favorites in 2018

Delicious S2 (US Only)

Striking Out S2

Good Karma Hospital S2 (US Only)

Midsomer Murders S20

Jack Irish S2

Agatha Raisin S2

Line of Duty S4

Added in January 2018

Murdoch Mysteries S11 Ep 2-6 (US Only)

Supply & Demand S1-2

The Yorkshire Vet S3

McCallum S1-2

Detectorists S3

Dear Murderer S1

Girlfriends S1 Ep 1

The Story Of Math

Added in December 2017

A Place To Call Home S5 (US only)

Brokenwood Mysteries S4

The Indian Doctor S1-3

Love, Lies & Records S1 

East of Everything S1-2

The Accident S1 (non-English)

Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure

Murdoch Mysteries S11 Ep 1 (US Only)