*Acorn TV's upcoming schedule is below. This schedule will be updated as shows are confirmed.  For more updates on upcoming programming, follow Acorn TV on Facebook.  

Upcoming Premieres

September 3

The Sounds Eps. 1 & 2 (US Premiere)

September 7

The Sounds Ep. 3 (US Premiere)

The Sounds Eps. 1-3 (Canada Premiere)

Public Enemies


September 14

The Sounds Ep. 4

The Badness of King George IV

The Sum of Us 

September 21

The Sounds Ep. 5

Bang Series 2 

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

The Yorkshire Vet Series 9

September 28

The Sounds Ep. 6

The Advocates Series 1 & 2

The Black Velvet Gown 

Added in August 

Civil War

Party Tricks 

The Nest

Mount Pleasant Series 6 + Finale

The Other One Series 1

Churchill: Blood, Sweat & Oil Paint 

Narnia's Lost Poet: The Secret Lives & Loves of C.S. Lewis 

The Brilliant Bronte Sisters 

The Genius of Roald Dahl 

Last Love (Canadian Premiere)

A Difficult Woman 

Family Business Series 1

Ballroom Boys

The Yorkshire Vet Series 1-8 + Countryside Specials

Added in July 

Edward & Mary: The Unknown Tudors

Sensitive Skin Season 1

Bodily Harm

The Nest Eps. 1-4

Wainwright Walks Series 1

Mount Pleasant Series 5

The Yorkshire Vet Series 6

At Home with the Georgians

McLeod's Daughters Series 3

Rebecka Martinson Series 2