All the individual episodes screens inform you whether you have watched an episode or not, and where you left off. You can check the red box below the episode description, select the episode you wish to view, then press “Play” to resume.

To find out which episode you are on:

  • Once you select a show, the channel will switch to the “Show” page you selected and will display the total available series in the description.
  • From this screen, press OK, then use the “down” arrow button of your Roku remote to access all the available series and corresponding episodes.
  • Once you have accessed the season / Series you want, use the right and left arrow of your remote to access the episode you want to watch.
  • As you use the right or left arrows to scroll through, you can check the upper right-hand corner thumbnail for your progress in each episode, see example below.
  • Note: episodes you have watched partially or fully will be marked with a red bar across the bottom of the image.
  • Use the “Play” button to start the episode, or the “OK” button of your remote to access this episode.