We’ve recently performed an upgrade to improve our video player, and this may have caused an error message on your device. This means your Acorn TV app version, OS, or the video/display cable you are currently using may be out of date and requires an update. To troubleshoot, you will need to have the most recent app for your device or upgrade your video/display cable that supports a minimum of HDCP 1.4 to resume streaming without interruption. 

Please sure your devices are up to date with the most recent app/OS versions, minimum requirements are below:

Apple App : 3.0.0 | iOS OS : 10.0

AppleTV App : 4.0.0 | tvOS : 11.2

Android App : 2.0.20

Roku App : 4.3 | Roku OS : 9.3

AndroidTV App : 0.87

FireTV App : 0.87