As of May 11th, the price of an Acorn TV subscription has changed. We are committed to improving your experience with more intriguing stories, new ways to watch, and enhanced product features – this modest price update will ensure we can keep providing that value. You should have already received an email informing you about the price change, and you can always check your price and billing information on our website by clicking on “My Acorn TV” and selecting “Manage Account” from the drop down.

The price change for an Acorn TV subscription in Argentina and Colombia is effective as of the first billing date after May 10, 2021, which may not be until 2022 for some annual subscribers. 


The new prices are:






AR$1,990/year (only AR$166/month)



COP165,000/year (only COP13,750/month)

Note: Prices for subscriptions through iOS, Google Play, or other third-party platforms may differ.










Want to lock in the old price? As a monthly user, you can change your account to an annual subscription before May 10 to secure a full year at the current annual rate of AR$1390 (COP14,500) — that works out to less than AR$116 (COP1,209) per month for world-class TV from Britain and beyond. 


To continue enjoying your Acorn TV subscription, no action is required. If you do not wish to continue your subscription, as always you can cancel anytime by visiting My Acorn TV. You must cancel by your May billing date in order to avoid being charged the increased amount. We are always here to help. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to Contact Us.

 We truly appreciate your being part of the Acorn TV community.